Video of Fernando Verdasco – Racket Preparation

After watching Verdasco play a couple weeks ago at the SAP Open, I have noticed a good technique in how he sets up for his forehand.  I grabbed a video from Youtube, compliments of FYB2007, in which it shows his preparation.

Verdasco prepares his stroke by holding the neck of the racket and rotating his upperbody/shoulders to get ready.  This helps him maintain a smooth flow of motion with every forehand he receives.  In long rallies, he is able to keep the flow throughout his whole body. The tennis coach at SSU, Steve, once pointed out the similar flaw in my stroke that relates to this stroke preparation.  When I used to hit my forehand, I would just put my racket back and swing.  There was no big preparation in which my stroke held a fluid motion.  It was get ready and put your racket back.  I believe I learned this technique shown in the video before, but through years of feeding balls while coaching, it has affected my stroke.  I spend a lot of hitting the past couple weeks learning how to re-develop my forehand.

I feel that this flow of motion would really help the consistency of your rally game. Another thing to point out is that at the end of his stroke, he really emphasizes his whip which puts the topspin.  If there was a video of a slower motion, you would be able to see that his wrists break/whip directly after contact.

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