USRSA String Selector Map: VERY HELPFUL!

I would like to share with you a key article that could help you choose string for your racket.  Most of this is pretty technical when it comes to matching it up with your playing style.  I have learned some basics of racket customization from my good friend, Tae, at Tennis International in Monterey, CA.  After he modified my racket(weight) and made it balanced for my hitting style, I had to choose from different string to complement my racket.  I researched forums and found this great article that not too many tennis players know about.  It is the USRSA String Selector map which tests stiffness and tension loss from almost ALL strings out for sale.  I would like to start off with the:

2005 USRSA String Selector Map

the 2005 article gives you USRSA’s testing procedure and a little background on some string.  Next is the:

2006 USRSA String Selector Map

They added a lot more string and results to their testing.  And finally, the newer strings:

2008 USRSA String Selector Map

Once again they updated their string testing.  This last link just shows all the string they tested(sorted by name):

2009 USRSA String Lab Test Results

2010 USRSA String Selector Map

2011 USRSA String Selector Map

You can learn a lot from the info in the tables.  Stiffness would correlate with the durability of the string and the overall stiffness of the string bed.  String tension gives an idea of the amount of tension loss within a certain, short period.

For me, I tried to find a poly with low tension loss that was not too soft or stiff.  I liked the characteristics of Alu Power.  So I found Topspin Cyberflash and have been sticking with it.   It almost has the same characteristics of Alu Power and Pro Hurricane, but it is just cheaper!  These articles made me want to playtest as many string before I stick with one.

Maybe you could use these tables to find the ideal string for your game.  If you have any questions about picking string, shoot me a comment or email.

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