To switch or not to switch?????

I have stuck with my favorite Wilson K 95 16×18 for the past 4 years.  It was a solid change from my Head Radical.  I loved it even more when I had it customized by an MRT.  Well the new BLX version came out the past month.  I am debating to pick up the new edition.  But before I buy, I would at least try another racket that I could possibly switch to. A racket that caught my eye was the Babolat Pure Storm Ltd 2009.  I strung one last weekend for one of my customers.  It was brand new and looked nice.  One thing I like about the racket was the small racket head.  I would like to stick with a 95 sq. in. racket head.  The stock weight seemed just right to be customized.  The only thing I would have to get used to is the closed racket head string pattern. I need to pick one up once I gain more funds.  I may just pick up the previous edition on the TW forums.  If anyone tried/use it, give me some feedback on it.  I know…I should just demo it.

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