The One Handed Backhand

There is numerous ways to teach a one handed backhand.  This guy shown in the video seems to give a little insight of the basics of the one handed backhand.  Please watch for your enlightenment!

The key tips when using a one handed backhand:  As the ball comes across the top of the net and you positioning/setting yourself to hit a backhand, the racket should back and ready to drive the ball. Your head should be down with the eyes on the ball(no-brainer.) At some point of the follow through, your racket should be pointed up “like the Statue if Liberty.”

There are a lot of steps to add while teaching a one handed backhand.  It is up to your coach or professional to correct any discrepancies.  I love using Youtube of example videos.  There are many good videos out there to learn new things.  I give thanks to all those tennis teachers who have uploaded videos.

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