Tennis Shops in NorCal

Sportabout in Napa, Ca

I have been a customer at Sportabout for a couple years now.  I usually go there to pick up string and miscellaneous items.  This shop has really been good to its customers!  They have a fine selection of Wilson, Head, and Babolat rackets.  They have loads of tennis bags to choose from!  They also have many rackets to demo and rent out for days/weeks.

Their stringing service is also superb from what I have heard from other customers.  The turnaround for a string job could be less than an hour.  If you are an avid tennis player and in the town of Napa, please do check out this shop.

Tennis International in Monterey, CA

This is by far the best, SMALL tennis shop!  The main specialty service that they provide is racket customization.  The owner and shopkeeper is Tae Kim.  He is a MRT( Master Racket Technician) with a whole Babolat machines setup.  He provides great string jobs.  He does not provide that much variety of string, but uses what he thinks is great string.  For example, he recommended me to try Luxilon XP rather than the ALU Power or Original Big Banger.

If you are in the area and have at least one of your rackets with you, let Tae take a look at it.  He will balance your racket which may ultimately help your game.

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