Revisiting tennis and other activities.

The two Australian Open finals this weekend were pretty exciting.  I believe Henin has a lot to look forward to in 2010.  Being able to make it to a grand slam final after taking some time off takes a lot of determination.  Of course, you can say the same thing about Clisters.  Both women came back into the field of what they love and enjoy.  You know they love the sport because of the amount of determination they put into their goals.

Anyone who has taken a break from some kind of passionate activity could easily come back to enjoy the same activity.  For example, some of you have not played tennis in a years.  Once you pick up a racket and get back on the court after long hiatus, you may realize that there is a psychological satisfaction.  I just experienced this today on the tennis court.  I have not played A LOT of tennis since before Thanksgiving 2009.  I was able to play five hours of straight tennis today.  It just felt so satisfying to get out and smack some tennis balls.  You rediscover the satisfaction which ultimately wants you to participate more in the activity.

Please, write a comment of how you rediscovered a passionate activity(even tennis!)

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