Now the Two-handed backhand

Now to go over the two-handed backhand! There are a lot of good two handed backhands out on the pro tour.  For me, my favorite two handed backhand player at the moment is Nikolay Davydenko.  There is not clear video out there to to show an example of it.

I will use Andy Murrays backhand as my example of a solid two hand backhand. His backhand is my second fav. Thanks again to FYB2007 for the slow motion video.  The first clip shown on this video looks to me like a return of serve.  When I teach a two handed backhand, the dominant, bottom hand holds a continental grip.  The palm of the other hand should be flat on the left side of the grip.  When Andy split steps, his gets ready with his backhand back.  Keep your arms locked straight.  You can see this emphasized with Andy Roddick.  His arms are straight on the backhand.

Back to Andy Murray…When he has his racket all the way back, you will see the racket head dip below his wrists.  Just as the ball is coming, he swings while changing the position of his racket head. This next part is the key to a solid, powerful backhand.  As he makes contact, his racket head is slightly ABOVE his wrist.  Do not let the racket head dip below your wrists on contact.  When you have your racket head slightly above your wrists, you are able to transfer the most power through your arms and onto your stringbed.  Your wrists are able to lock more efficiently to transfer power.  Then as you swing through the backhand, the arms loosen into the follow through. That is the solid two-handed backhand in a nutshell.

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