Good luck at the local Value Center – Finding a Klippermate

When I got back into Vallejo today, I decided to stop by at the local Value Center.  I usually just try to find good business books or bikes to fix up.  So as I strolled the back of the store, I found this beautiful Klippermate stringer.

I do not know how someone could just give this up.  The stringer was in pristine condition with three floating clamps.  The only flaw was the sticker to measure the lbs. was peeling off.  Other than that, there is no major rust or dents.

This stringer brings be back to the old days when I used to use this same type of klippermate in high school.  I eventually sold my original one to one of my students.  I then upgraded to my standup Eagnas.  So it was great that I found this.  I strung up one racket and had to get used to leveling the drop weight again.

One thing I miss about using a drop weight is the constant pull on the strings.  When I switched over to the crank, it would lock up at the desired tension.  I would then have to straighten the strings.  With the constant pull, I would let the drop weight hang while I straightening the strings.  The strings would slide right into place with constant pull.  And I know the strings would be at a consistent tension throughout the whole racket.

The cons of using this drop weight is the kink it may put on the string from the “circular grabber.”(hopefully some of you could picture it)  You could really tell when stringing polyester.  On softer string like synthetic gut and some multis, it would not affect it that much.  So that is one of the things you have to be careful with.

Now that I have this nice machine, I am available to string wherever I go!!  I do not have to go back home to Vallejo to string rackets.  Anybody in Sonoma County need restringing??

Hopefully some of you might have the urge to check out the local thrift stores.

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