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Speed Ladder time!

Tweet Time to get back into shape for the upcoming season.  I have been hitting the local 24hr Fitness with my speed ladder.  Here are some drills… Thanks livestrong. Thanks cheesler  

Fall Tennis Workout 11.9.10

Tweet Hey Everyone! It is starting to get a bit colder here in NorCal.  We have to stay in shape during the off-season or on those rainy days between play.  I have found some good workouts to try and keep those muscles toned and ready for action.  You could do most of these at home […]

More medicine ball drills for tennis training

Tweet Came across more medicine ball drills. For some reason, I LOVE working out with a medicine ball. It requires more movement and incorporates more muscle training. Thanks to EtcheberryExperience for the videos. It looks like videos came from a tennis training video. Video 1 – Requires two people. Video 2 – I like the […]

Bryan Bro’s Famous Volley Drill

Tweet Great drill to get those consistent volleys.

Nadal’s Training Videos

Tweet Came across some good videos of Rafa Nadal’s workout videos.  Thank you to those who uploaded them. Video 1 Video 2 Video 2 is the better video of the two.  The machine he uses in the Power Plate.  It vibrates to help the muscles contract.

Reaction Drills

Tweet The instructors from Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development show some great ways to sharpen and improve reaction times.  I remember going through the first drill shown training in my junior years.

Leg Exercises

Tweet Came across this video the other day.  Tried out the exercises at my college rec center.  So far so good!  All the exercises shown deal with strengthening the legs.  Enjoy the video! Thanks to Profitness2day for the video.

On-court conditioning

Tweet I have seen this tennis conditioning video a while back.  It basically gives you a basic tennis court conditioning exercises.  The hops that she explains could be elaborated with a speed ladder.  Plus the speed ladder would incorporate more eye-feet coordination.  The planks were very good for the core.  The high knees could be […]

Winter Workout w/ the Medicine Ball!

Tweet Sorry if I have not blogged in a while.  I have been swamped with school work before Thanksgiving.  Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is time to work off all those calories!  I had a long Thanksgiving week with 3 consecutive thanksgiving dinners(my Nana treats me good.) So I had my first day back […]

Speed Ladder training

Tweet Back when I was playing high school tennis, my coach implemented using the speed ladder for our training regimen.  For beginners, you would start slowly to get used to it.  By the end of the season, my teammates and I could just blast through the ladder without messing up.  I kept the ladder training […]