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Tweet Hey everyone! I now have an account on USTREAM!  I will have some live footage from when I string rackets at home.  Maybe I will expand to oudoor tennis events. Click on the links below to take you to: daligatennis profile My show: Darren is stringing YOUR tennis racket.

Good luck at the local Value Center – Finding a Klippermate

Tweet When I got back into Vallejo today, I decided to stop by at the local Value Center.  I usually just try to find good business books or bikes to fix up.  So as I strolled the back of the store, I found this beautiful Klippermate stringer. I do not know how someone could just […]

Pictures from Thursday at the SAP Open

Tweet I was able score some tickets with one of my close tennis buddy, Rick.  We had tickets to the morning and evening sessions at HP Pavilion.  We decided to delay our trip in the early morning to catch the second match of the morning session.  After a long drive down to San Jose, we […]

Video from Thursday @ SAP Open.

Tweet Here is a video of my UNEDITED clips from my seat on Thursday night at the SAP Open.  We have clips from Marty Fish, Andy Roddick, Sam Querry, and Fernando Verdasco.  Enjoy the video!

Short video clips from Tuesday’s SAP Open.


Best Polyester and Co-Polyester String UNDER $10 a set.

Tweet So I have been trying out many different kinds of polyester/co-polyester based strings over the past couple years.  As a college student playing a lot of tennis, money was a little issue when paying for strings.  I wanted the BANG the for the buck deal.  In high school, I used to play with simple Gosen […]

Want to follow pro tennis players on twitter?

Tweet Want to follow pro tennis players on twitter?

Busy week ahead!

Tweet The rainy weather here in Northern California has made me stay couped up inside for the next couple days.  I have the chance to catch up on some work.  Monday is the start of the SAP Open in San Jose.  So here is the schedule for the week: MONDAY night, we have an exhibition […]


Tweet WELCOME TO DALIGATENNIS.COM! Hey readers! Please file a new bookmark for this new site! has now become… ENJOY!

Revisiting tennis and other activities.

Tweet The two Australian Open finals this weekend were pretty exciting.  I believe Henin has a lot to look forward to in 2010.  Being able to make it to a grand slam final after taking some time off takes a lot of determination.  Of course, you can say the same thing about Clisters.  Both women […]