Best Polyester and Co-Polyester String UNDER $10 a set.

So I have been trying out many different kinds of polyester/co-polyester based strings over the past couple years.  As a college student playing a lot of tennis, money was a little issue when paying for strings.  I wanted the BANG the for the buck deal.  In high school, I used to play with simple Gosen OG Sheep/Head Rip Control hybrid on my Head Ti Fire Tour.  That combo just felt good on a lighter racket(under 11 oz.)  I liked the hybrid until I switched to a heavier racket(balanced k95) and started breaking more string.  Here are the polyester/co-poly strings that I have found to give a softer feeling yet durable for under $10 a set.

Specs of play-tester’s racket:

I use a balanced, 12.8 ounce K95 and string at 58lbs each time.  I use a rubber band dampener on every racket strung.

*TOP CHOICE* – Topspin Cyberflash 17g

This was the first string to try that was under $10 a set.  I found out about this string from the tennis warehouse forums.  It received high praised from fellow forum members which urged me to try it.  Stringing Cyberflash was fairly easy.  The 17g is not too firm and does not tangle easily.  When you first start hitting with Cyberflash, it feels stiff.  Give it 10 minutes of good hitting for it to soften up.  After this break-in period, I believe this string feels just right for a co-poly.  Cyberflash is not as powerful as Luxilon Alu, but has the same impact feeling.

*Runner up* – Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17g

I tried this string after using Cyberflash for a month.  It was fairly easy to string Signum Pro.  The string out of the packet looks Cyberflash but in orange.  Weaving the crosses felt like stringing a firm synthetic gut.  On the tennis court, I feel Signum Pro is a powerful string in the first day of play-testing.  Once it sits in your bag after hours of playing, it becomes very soft and feels “mushy.”  Signum Pro, I would say, is the least durable co-poly discussed here.  I usually break these string in less than 3 weeks.  I would rather break string than cut strings out because they have become too soft.

Topspin Cyberblue 17g

I am currently trying my second set of Cyberblue.  It is a toss up to use Cyberflash or Cyberblue.  I believe it is just as powerful as Cyberflash, but holds it tension longer.

Babolat Pro Hurricane 17g

Pro Hurricane seems to have mixed reviews from many people.  Some say its too tough/firm.  Some say it plays soft.  I believe this all depends on your racket, string pattern, and tension used.  At 58lbs, I felt Pro Hurricane felt just right on a heavy racket.  The downside of this string is that it loses tension fast.  It feels mushy by the end of a full week of playing.

Babolat Duralast 17g

I bought a reel of this string from Italy before Babolat USA came out with it in single packets.  Duralast feels good on the first couple day of hitting.  It gives sufficient power and good bite on the ball.  It loses tension FAST!  I ended up cutting the strings out by the second week

Let me go through the other polyester/co-poly’s under $10 that I have tried.

Gosen Polylon 17 – VERY HARD/TOUGH STRING!  I recommend to hybrid this string with a synthetic gut.  Other than that, these strings are VERY durable.

Gosen Polylon SP 17 – Just like regular polylon.

Wilson Enduro 16 – I do not really consider this a poly.  It felt like more like synthetic gut.

PLEASE, if you have any suggestions on other poly/co-poly’s I should try, let me know in my comment box below.  I am always looking for new upcoming string that are worth trying.

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