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The One Handed Backhand

Tweet There is numerous ways to teach a one handed backhand.  This guy shown in the video seems to give a little insight of the basics of the one handed backhand.  Please watch for your enlightenment! The key tips when using a one handed backhand:  As the ball comes across the top of the net […]

The relationship between your tennis strings and racket: How to pick your strings

Tweet Today I came across two people that had their own input on strings.  One person wrote an article and the other asked my opinion on which type of string to use.  After stringing rackets for over 8 years, I have picked up certain knowledge about string and its relationship to the tennis racket.  There […]

To switch or not to switch?????

Tweet I have stuck with my favorite Wilson K 95 16×18 for the past 4 years.  It was a solid change from my Head Radical.  I loved it even more when I had it customized by an MRT.  Well the new BLX version came out the past month.  I am debating to pick up the […]

Now the Two-handed backhand

Tweet Now to go over the two-handed backhand! There are a lot of good two handed backhands out on the pro tour.  For me, my favorite two handed backhand player at the moment is Nikolay Davydenko.  There is not clear video out there to to show an example of it. I will use Andy Murrays […]

Video of Fernando Verdasco – Racket Preparation

Tweet After watching Verdasco play a couple weeks ago at the SAP Open, I have noticed a good technique in how he sets up for his forehand.  I grabbed a video from Youtube, compliments of FYB2007, in which it shows his preparation. Verdasco prepares his stroke by holding the neck of the racket and rotating […]

Napa Valley College Junior team tennis league registration continues

Tweet The Napa Quickstart Junior Team Tennis League, a spring program, starts March 18 and runs through May 8 at Napa Valley College. The level of play is beginner to intermediate. Registration and an open house is scheduled for Feb. 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; and March 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. […]


Tweet Hey everyone! I now have an account on USTREAM!  I will have some live footage from when I string rackets at home.  Maybe I will expand to oudoor tennis events. Click on the links below to take you to: daligatennis profile My show: Darren is stringing YOUR tennis racket.

Good luck at the local Value Center – Finding a Klippermate

Tweet When I got back into Vallejo today, I decided to stop by at the local Value Center.  I usually just try to find good business books or bikes to fix up.  So as I strolled the back of the store, I found this beautiful Klippermate stringer. I do not know how someone could just […]

On-court conditioning

Tweet I have seen this tennis conditioning video a while back.  It basically gives you a basic tennis court conditioning exercises.  The hops that she explains could be elaborated with a speed ladder.  Plus the speed ladder would incorporate more eye-feet coordination.  The planks were very good for the core.  The high knees could be […]

St. Mary’s Mens Tennis – Upcoming Home Games!

Tweet St Marys Men’s tennis team will have a busy schedule for the end of February.  Go check out their home games! Wed, Feb 17  San Francisco * Moraga, CA   3:00 PM Sat, Feb 20  Loyola Marymount * Moraga, CA   2:00 PM Sun, Feb 21  Pacific Moraga, CA   12:00 PM Sat, Mar […]