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Post-USTA Norcal Tennis on Campus Championships

Tweet I had a blast this past weekend!  I had the chance to play many good tennis players from different colleges.  The highlights of my weekend was beating Stanford’s top mixed doubles team(7-6) and beating USF’s top mixed doubles team(6-5). The teams we(Napa Valley College) played were: St. Mary’s College(won) UC Davis Blue(Lost) Stanford Cardinal(Lost) […]

USTA NorCal Tennis on Campus@ Stanford: Pre-Tourney Thoughts

Tweet Just got into Palo Alto after a 2 hour drive.  Our team is staying at the Stanford Inn(same place for the past 3 years).  The hotel is pretty nice and is usually filled with other college teams throughout the weekend. We were able to practice on the Stanford courts before dinner.  The courts seem […]

USTA TOC 10% off at Tennis Warehouse

Tweet USTA TOC 10% off at Tennis Warehouse So the USTA Tennis On Campus NorCal Championships are now less than a week away!  For all you team players that are going and need some tennis supplies before the weekend, come register at TW and get 10% off and a FREE T-Shirt!(while supplies last)  TW uses […]

Ken DeHart Blog

Tweet Ken DeHart Blog So last weekend was the USPTA workshop@ Napa Valley College.  Our Sunday lecture was provided by Ken DeHart.  I checked out his blog which has some good stuff for tennis players.  Check it out!

Andre Agassi is coming to the Bay Area!

Tweet Andre Agassi is coming to the Bay Area! Andre Agassi, my favorite tennis player of all time(because we are both Andre), is coming to the Bay Area for book promotion!  Click the link for more details.  He will be signing books at Menlo Park and Palo Alto.

USRSA String Selector Map: VERY HELPFUL!

Tweet I would like to share with you a key article that could help you choose string for your racket.  Most of this is pretty technical when it comes to matching it up with your playing style.  I have learned some basics of racket customization from my good friend, Tae, at Tennis International in Monterey, […]

My @garyvee signed copy goes to…

Tweet dmhoro: My @garyvee signed copy of #crushit goes to Darren Aliga for his blog Darren’s Tennis News/Thoughts. Nice work adding content Darren and customizing your sidebar!  Let’s try to get the Disqus comments working in the lab next week.

Don’t CHOKE!!

Tweet Don’t CHOKE!! I have always seen tennis players suffer from this ailment in their mental game.  You find yourself winning and close to the finish, but it is so hard to close it out!  Check out the article for future preparation. The only thing I could add is just don’t get down on yourself. […]

Speed Ladder training

Tweet Back when I was playing high school tennis, my coach implemented using the speed ladder for our training regimen.  For beginners, you would start slowly to get used to it.  By the end of the season, my teammates and I could just blast through the ladder without messing up.  I kept the ladder training […]

Beat Rafael Nadal: 24 balls in 30 seconds

Tweet Send in a video of you beating Nadal’s tennis ball pickup challenge.  This is a part of the Olympics: The best of us challenge.